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Located in Hayes Valley, Sashimi brings you fine Japanese cuisine from esteemed Chef Hayashi Sakamoto.

Sashimi was inspired by and conceived in San Francisco's sunny Hayes Valley. Always drawn to the salty smell of the sea, chef Hayashi Sakamoto was born in a small town in coastal Japan before sailing to America. In Japan, he refined his knife skills and his knowlege of ocean catch. Missing the fresh and simple food of his home, Sakamoto opened Sashimi, a modern take on Japanese sushi.

Sashimi focuses on sourcing the freshest and best local ingredients to make simple, elegant food.


(415) 555-3031


301 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102


M-Th 5p–11p
F-Sa 12p–11p
Su 10a–11p

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Only the freshest catch

Our fish is sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area. Sometimes chef Hayashi travels to the Monterey Bay and even north to Washington to choose the best for Sashimi. Fish of the Bay Area include the three-spined stickleback, the sacramento splittail, the chameleon goby, and the prickly sculpin (our alternative to the fugu pufferfish).

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415 - 555 - 3031

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